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Need Makeup Artist In Honolulu Hawaii?

There are many ways to save money and have fabulous make-up for your big day. Even if you don’t have a clue about make-up or don’t normally wear any, there are still many bridal make-up options for you to play around with. Even if you are a complete minimalist and terrified of cosmetics, trying out some semi-sheer lip glosses would be fun.

If you want to hire someone to do your make-up or you want to do it yourself but need help, the #1 beauty tip I can give is to get yourself to a make-up counter with a skilled staff!

For those of you lucky enough to have a Mac counter at your nearest department store, their cosmetics staff come highly recommended by many. Their staff has to train for a long time before they do makeovers, so they know what they are doing and you (hopefully!) won’t come out looking like a clown. The makeovers are free with a 4 product purchase, which usually comes out to around $60. I know quite a few girls who made appointments at the Mac counter the morning of their wedding for super savings, however I’ve been informed by a Mac artist that if they know it is for your wedding they will turn you away and not do your make-up. However, you can hire a Mac artist for your wedding day make-up for $150. In addition to Mac, the Sephora stores are also a great place to try out make-up and learn from the staff.

If you don’t have Mac or Sephora in your area, chances are you still do have some sort of a department store, and most of the major (fine) cosmetics brands will do makeovers (Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder to name a few) and these are generally free or free with a purchase. Another option is to ask around…everybody knows somebody who sells Mary Kay or Avon and these consultants usually know a thing or two about make-up and will give you a free consultation.

The benefits of going to a make-up counter to figure out your bridal make-up options are numerous. At the very least you’ll learn what not to do! If you are planning to do your own make-up you will likely learn a lot and even some new tips that you never though of. If you are clueless about make-up, cosmetics staff will help you immensely with choosing colors that look right on you.

If you want to hire someone you can often ask the person doing your makeover (assuming you like the results) if they are willing to do your wedding make-up the day of. Chances are they have already done this and their prices are generally way cheaper than someone labeled as a “ make-up artist.” At the very least, they can generally recommend someone to you.

Maybe you can think of a friend who is particularly skilled at make-up and would be willing to experiment with make-up on you. Again, this could be a great learning experience and she may even offer to do your make-up as your wedding gift the day of!

Another tip if you are doing your own bridal make-up on a budget is to check the cosmetic return policy of drugstores near you. Many drugstores have excellent return policies for cosmetics and let you return them with a receipt even if they’ve been opened and tried out! This is a wonderful thing to try the make-up out at home because we’ve all had the horror of something looking great in the store and awful once you get home. This way you can try out colors without breaking the bank.

Lastly, whether you decide to hire someone or if you’ll be doing your own make-up, be sure to do a trial run at least two weeks beforehand, and actually wear the cosmetics for a whole day if they are new products. The last thing you want is mascara that runs and stings your eyes (I HIGHLY recommend waterproof mascara for your if you think you might cry at some point) or lipstick that makes your lips chapped. Likewise, if someone else will be doing your bridal make-up, have them do it completely once before your wedding to make sure you will be happy with them. If your first trial is too near your date you’ll be stressing at the last minute, and that is not fun.

Again, experiment, experiment, experiment and have fun!

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