Beauti Optimization Lab

Introducing a fast track to natural beauty

Optimize your look of natural beauty here. Consult with our BeautiGoddess experts to define your personal beauty formula and get you from point A to Beauti.

Whether you are looking to recover or uncover your natural beauty, ween yourself off of lash extensions, regrow over plucked eyebrows or to experience the entire BeautiGoddess formula all at once, step into the Lab and receive instant feedback and next step recommendations on your best lashes and brows, hair regrowth, skin renewal and how to regain a youthful appearance.

iLash Rehab
Ready to ween yourself off of extensions and start the process of having a full and natural lash line? Your iLash rescue and recovery prescription which includes a personalized consultation, and all the tips and products to help you get there.
Prices starting at $150

  • 8 – 20 weeks program based on initial consultation. ILash Rehab includes the gradual removal of lash extensions over the course of 2 more more visits infused with our iLash growth program to rehabilitate you back to your natural lash line.
  • 1 or more iLash Lifts *based on prescription
  • 1 bottle of RevitaLash or RevitaBrow

Exponential Beauty package

  • an 8 – 12 week program designed to uncover or recover natural beauty
  • Consultation with personalized natural beauty prescription
  • 3 iLash Lifts weeks 1 & 6 + week 12 or after as follow up
  • Eyebrow shaping during each iLash lift visit
  • Revitalash or Revitabrow
  • 2 60 min facials (week 3 and week 6) selected to jump start brighter, firmer more healthy looking skin
  • 60 minute energy work (week 7 or 8) to fully connect your beauty from the inside out

Essential White Facial 4-pack
We love living in Hawaii but lets face it, with over 300 days of sun each year we pay the price with effects such as aging, sun damage, dark spots, and accelerated development of fine lines and wrinkles. The Essential White program is formulated to reverse the aging process and reveal your skins natural healthy glow giving you the look of youth and vitality. Once your brighter skin is revealed, you’ll want to flaunt it with or without makeup – but don’t forget the sunscreen!

  • 4 Essential White Facial treatments
  • recommended to be booked bi-monthly or monthly
  • $350