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At BeautiGoddess, we’ve known for years about the perils of getting lash extensions which is why we firmly stand by our BeautiGoddess Lash Lift procedure. Quite frankly, we think its should be a philosophy, actually, everyone’s philosophy. The entire treatment takes less than an hour and the effects last for 6-8 weeks. In addition to that the total cost is 50-75% less than getting Lash Extensions (depending on where you go). Factor in the time you save by not having to grow your natural lashes back, and the rest of the time you’ll save getting ready in the morning, and you are going to wonder what took you so much time to get the Lash Lift in the first place!  (didn’t Mama always say time is money..?)

Dangers of wearing eyelash extensions

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  The eyes have it when it comes to creating that fresh face look.

More and more women are going for that sexy flutter you see on celebrities like Adele, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

They’re getting eyelash extensions but there’s a price to pay for vanity.

Naturally most of us don`t have long stunning lashes.

Most celebrities don’t either.

They`re getting lash extensions, and the trend is catching on in Memphis.

“They’re fun and sassy. They’re flirty,” said Jessica Cunningham.

But these lash extensions can cause some problems.

They can cause achy eyelids, red itchy eyes and bacteria can build up around the eyelid.

“I think overall eyelash extensions are actually pretty safe but there are a few risks. I think it’s worthwhile that people are aware of them before they do this,” said Dr. Brian Fowler at UT Health Sciences.

Taylor Spangler is a lash stylist at Daniel Shay`s in Cordova.

She said extensions won’t harm your lashes and they’ll give you that constant made up look.

However, she warned they must be applied the right way.

“Nothing is ever attached directly to the eyelid. It touches very close but it’s never attached to the actual lid. just the lash,” said Spangler.

The procedure is tedious.

It takes about two hours to get a full set of lashes.

During the procedure, your bottom lids are taped to your face.

From there it`s like performing surgery.

“I would think training would be required. If you didn’t have training, you don’t know how to properly apply. You don’t know the proper products to be using. You don’t know the safety for your client,” said Spangler.

WREG wanted to know what medical professionals thought about the procedure.

University of Tennessee Ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Fowler said lash extensions present fewer problems than other false eyelashes, but warned you should ask about the type of glue that will be used.

“Most common irritant within the glue that’s severe is formaldehyde. So, if you see a glue that has formaldehyde in it or if you ask, that would be glue that I wouldn’t recommend using,” said Dr. Fowler.

Here’s the other problem.

Some women afraid of pulling out the lashes prematurely don’t thoroughly clean the eyelids causing an infection that leads to white bumps underneath the eyelid.

“Normally, those would appear the same color as the surrounding eyelid. Here each one of them is blocked. That is the oil itself that is blocking the oil gland.”

Some of Dr. Fowler’s patients have also come in with chalazions, or what most of us call stys, because of the oil build up.

He said, “Both of those can be irritating and, if around long enough and severe enough, can lead to an eyelid infection. So, an eyelid infection would be eyelid swelling eyelid swelling, irritation, redness, pain.”

Dr. Fowler recommends cleaning the eyelid with baby shampoo, eyelid pads or a special lash wash. Stylists say properly applied lashes will stay on when cleaned.

“They make your eyes stand out and they grab someone’s attention,” said Cunningham.

After all, you don`t want red, dry irritated eyes to ruin your new stunning look.

Cunningham added, “I love my lashes. I love the fullness of them. The thickness of them and I feel like when I wake up in the morning. They`re just going to make me feel beautiful.”

The cost to keep up eyelash extensions can be pretty pricey. The initial application costs around $250 and you’ll pay about $65 dollars every two weeks to replace lashes that

This post was originally featured on (Memphis News Channel 3) on MAY 12, 2016 by STEPHANIE SCURLOCK


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