About Us

Hello Beautiful!

BeautiGoddess Lash Studio is tucked away on the 3rd floor of a busy shopping center in Kaimuki and is a much coveted spot for women who want the secrets to natural beauty. Upon entering this cozy studio space, you will instantly feel relaxed and ready to beautify.

elizabeth421Elizabeth Uehara, the studio’s owner and original BeautiGoddess, has been helping women discover their natural beauty for nearly 2 decades. Armed with years of intel, hands on experience beautifying women of all ages, and the desire to keep her own natural beauty intact, Liz scoured the globe from Paris to Australia to Japan and back here in Honolulu to find the worlds best kept beauty secrets. Her combination of products, services and techniques make up the BeautiGoddess formula and will help you uncover or recover your own natural beauty.

The BeautiGoddess formula is simple:

  • Focus on the basics (eyes, skin, hair)
  • Employ quality products and techniques

Lashes that emphasize the eyes, eyebrows that make a statement and skin that is fresh, radiant and youthful are the building blocks behind every great face. Our BeautiGoddess experts will consult with you to determine your beauty formula to get you from point A to Beauti.

Our curated product mix is designed to help you achieve your beauty goals. Uncover or recover your natural beauty to look and feel more gorgeous than ever and you will enjoy a look that you can flaunt, with or without makeup.

BeautiGoddess’ signature service the iLash Lift. is a smarter, less costly alternative to lash extensions. The 60 minute or less treatment will instantly give your eyes a refreshed and youthful look. The process, which infuses a curl into your lashes opens up the eye area, creates depth and, essentially, makes your eyes pop!

Add ons to our signature service include; lash color tinting (think Violet to play up hazel tones or blue to add bright tones to even the darkest of eyes) darkening eyelash tint or semi permanent mascara, and for those will a full set of eyelashes, eyelash shaping; including the flare or origami fan.

In addition to the iLash Lift, experience our YonKa Paris Facials and a host of other beautification services.

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